Jason Gay

Jazz artist

Jason's solo project is available on cdbaby!

This is both a reflection of who I am musically and the elegance and beauty that I’ve found while deeply studying and transcribing Chinese traditional music. Every song captures a different color and is surprisingly relatable during these ever changing times.

Performance of a life time

He play tunes for all to hear. You now get to follow Jason and his band across the island. Where will they be next? Jason and the band never let a crowd down. So when you come out, promise us you won’t just stand around. Join us and groove to the power of live music.

To produce the art of life storytales, that comes from within, one must use the body as an instrument which creates the awesome sounds of Jazz music from a tool such as the saxophone.

Jason Gay

My wife Shannon and I would love to see you at the next event. Until then, tell me about yourself so we can get better acquainted. Please feel free to leave a message below. I’ll be waiting. ~ JasonĀ 

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